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Product & Care

Our footwear is designed at our Marymount studio in Singapore and developed by our production team in Guangdong, China. Each pair is crafted by hand and may bear slight impressions of handicraft or minor aesthetic imperfections. We choose to work with PU leather that is non-toxic and 100% animal-free.

The protective film underneath the sole should be peeled off before wear to prevent slipping. We advise to do so only when you are certain of your purchase as returns are only allowed for products in original condition.
We recommend to wear the shoes immediately as the materials are in its best condition to be seasoned. Due to the humidity of our local climate, storing the shoes without wear is not favorable.
Covered styles now come with gel inserts to be used on the front of the shoe to prevent excessive friction on the insoles. Shoes should be stored in a cool and dry environment with ventilation. Damp, sweaty shoes are more likely to grow mouldy and brittle so wipe them down after wear before storing.Each pair typically last between 6 months of intensive wear to 2 years of light wear.
Limited Warranty
We are happy to extend a limited warranty of up to 30 days from date of purchase on full-priced items that have been worn. Please understand that we are not be able to provide any further assistance thereafter due to the various external factors that can be argued upon. There are 2 immediate conditions under which the warranty can be effective:
Unnatural wear and tear that affect the functionality of the shoes (i.e. breakage or detachment of any part of the shoe). This excludes aesthetic defects.
If you experience any quality or manufacturing concerns, please get in touch so that we can assess the condition of your shoes and collect useful information to help improve our production process. We will advise on the course of action depending on the extent of damage.

Kraft paper bags are used for most of our exterior packaging. Shoe boxes are made from cardboard with the exclusion of the plastic rim which should be removed before recycling. Please reuse when possible. These items can be flattened and placed in the blue commingled recycling bins around Singapore.
Unfortunately, the foam that is used to protect the shoes is not biodegradable and is preferred to be reused as stuffing or filling.

Shoe Care
 We recommend an application of protective waterproofing spray for our suede pairs before use to prolong aesthetic and wear. Clean leathers with rinsed cloth or brush for suede uppers. Allow time for air dry. Replace stuffing to maintain shape before storage.
Foot Care
For fit issues, try half insoles and gel inserts on the front of the shoe to prevent slipping and added volume for a snug fit - available at Watsons, Guardian, major supermarkets and departmental stores.
For strap issues, try Foot Petals Strappy Strip Cushion to prevent straps from slipping and blistering - available at Amazon.
For blister issues, go for Foot Glide, our favourite anti-blister balm - available at Watsons and Guardian.