The Flower


Some of you may have realised that we have introduced a flower as part of our brand identity moving forward. The line drawing is done by Stacey and digitalised by our cousin, #trustytim.

We took inspiration from the magnolia flower - known to symbolise feminine strength, beauty and grace. A well balanced embodiment of what we wanted to convey, we felt a strong affinity with it. That - and another incident where we chanced upon an artificial stalk propped on the sink of the toilet in a showroom that is now our home. Aren't we glad it worked out so splendidly.

The flower is now featured on our cotton drawstring bags that comes with every purchase. We are hoping to introduce it in more elements and even variations moving forward. If you are a designer - do get in touch with your ideas and we would love to see how we can collaborate!

We hope that you will enjoy it as much as we do.

Best wishes,
From all of us at Shop Weekend Cheoks.