Goodbye 2019,


We hope you've had an amazing time of warm gestures and intimate moments with your loved ones this festive season.

This year has been a very challenging yet fulfilling year for both our brand and collective, as we continued to overcome and grow in strength, communication and awareness with our partners and all of you.

Although we did not have many occasions to meet with everyone, we were thankful for those who made time for us on the weekdays, and for those who braved the crowd to join us at our Thanksgiving sale in November - thank you for sharing your excitement with us!

The first half of 2019:

We ushered in the year with our very first Red Letter Capsule Collection - a full suede festive ensemble in our signature ease. Later that month, we popped in @ 44 Monks Hill Road for a weekend of good fellowship, organic bubbly and curated range of footwear, jewellery, homeware and clothing by our friends from Tui Collection.

We took a short siesta from February to March to prepare for the launch of our New Classics Collection and the comeback of the Square Mules.

To celebrate the launch of our New Classics Collection, we joined our friends at Amber Ember Weekend Pop-up Market where we were able to greet many new faces and experienced a sell-out on the first day.

During these months, we were able to think deeply about what we want to do as a brand and how we as the people behind it can help make it better after 2 years. With the success of the New Classics Collection, it changed the very being of our brand and helped shift our focus to pursue a more devoted and efficient business model. 

With the help of our cousin #trustytim, we were able to capture the 3 of us for the first time, as we introduced The Anniversary Collection - featuring our signature ease in our favorite colors. As part of our summer tradition, the Strap Sandal, now known as the Sommer Sandal, was launched as part of our Anniversary Collection, photographed in choreographed, analogue scenes by our talented and dear friend, @ohvlogue.

In conjunction with our Anniversary Collection, we launched The Charitable Tote, our first community initiative to support women and children in need in our homeland. See how you can participate here.

The second half of 2019:

With the support received from our New Classics Collection, we were able to introduce Ronda to a welcoming crowd and were finally able to share the very first teaser for the Ora Cardigan that we have been working on.

In October, after intense and careful debate, we parted ways with Squarespace for Shopify to open the way for more consumer and business-centric integrations to help improve our overall efficiency. This was celebrated by the timely arrival of our Sommer Sandals in our signature neutrals as part of our New Classics Collection along with the debut of the Ora Cardigan - both which were met with overwhelming support.

Moving with the flow of our knitwear collection, we were able to introduce the Ila Cardigan and are now in the talks with a new factory to produce an exclusive line of 100% cotton cardigans.

In November, we celebrated Thanksgiving with a studio-wide sale on all past collections at our Marymount studio to make way for more exciting things we have planned for 2020.

December marks a slower month for us as we made an effort to spend more time with our loved ones and friends. We were very excited to share our very first tote bag with those of you who visited us at our studio along with another sell-out of the Ora Cardigan and Erin Singlet.

We sincerely hope that this year has been kind to every one of you. Thank you for those who have spent the events of 2019 with us, remembered here on the last day of the year. We hope that it will only keep getting better for you as you grow in wisdom, strength and courage.

Here's wishing the best to all of you! 


Best wishes,