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A long day's work

The way of exploring places is a something we always appreciate. A foreign land that we visit to look for new purpose, meaning and even way of life. It is the comfort of a new thing that brings us a great sense of familiarity when we are away from home. Something that has been on my mind of late is that of the journeys we have taken. A process of planning and pins that amount to either a great or flat adventure in a foreign land. We are all trying to look for something on our journeys to take away, keep in mind and take to heart. With the quietening of the season, we were able to let some journeys come to a rest. Those that we have desired and yearned for no longer seemed important. It is the ones where we are allowed to look within, breathe a little deeper and grow a little greater that have taken over. People always say that the journey is better than the destination - but for this moment - we revel in the end of these journeys and take comfort in the concept of coming home after a long day's work.

The Asah Tote in Pink Canvas by Hazel C., Bangkok (2020).