We would like to talk about ー surplus. A surplus happens when there is an overproduction of parts or uppers in the process of production. Although we are trying to work towards the ideal zero waste situation, a surplus can still happen due to overestimation, minimum order quantity or change in plan.  Instead of keeping them away in storage, we use these excess materials and parts to create what we now refer to as the surplus collection. The intention remains to re imagine and reinterpreting them into a new mood with aided tweaks in detail and accent and reduce material waste to the best we can.The Sommer Slipper was the first style we did in surplus. Naturally, stocks are limited as no new...

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A long day's work

People always say that the journey is better than the destination - but for this moment - we revel in the end of these journeys and take comfort in the concept of coming home after a long day's work.

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