The Anni Game:

ANNI 2021

Previewing on IG Live 16 October, 2pm
Launching online 16 October, 3pm


About: The Anni Game

Growing up, we had each other throughout our childhood. From building sandcastles in the sandbox of our old playground to reaching to the top of the spider web tower. Graduating from the simplicity of hopscotch and zero point to the unending complexities of The Game of Life and Monopoly. Even till today, there's always a game - solving locked room plots and Wheel of Fortune puzzles.

It’s your turn now.

Mood: Playlist

Get in the mood with us as we countdown to the launch of our Anni 2021 Collection. Curated by our resident DJ a.k.a. bro, each track is here to set the tone of this quirky and self congratulatory event. Hidden clues, slow beats, psychedelic sounds and soothing interludes - it doesn't get any more obvious than this.

Retrospective: Anni 2019