We Are Cultured

An alternative beauty + wellness company built for the 21st century woman, by women. Focused on gut first, skincare later, and dewing it all in a happy microverse. A sustainable beauty and wellness through a healthy, microbial life powered by probiotics. Live with the right little buggers. Non-toxic and natural; honest, multi-tasking bio-solutions that work intelligently for you.

Exclusive stockist of  We Are Cultured  ー select Magic Dust & Silk Pillowcase.

Assorted Magic Dust (box of 7 sachets)  S$15

Dream Again Silk Pillowcase (20 x 28″)  S$55

Beauty Nuts – Savoury Heart of Gold (tumeric)  sold out

Beauty Nuts – Lightly Sweetened Better than Chocolate (raw cacao)  sold out